Thursday, May 11, 2006

You'll Never Fly Alone

I had almost forgotten it was FA Cup Final Day on Saturday until I had a call this afternoon requesting a banner, supporting a Liverpool Football club website, to be flown around the stadium for ninety minutes during the match.

I can try and watch the action on the big screen from the air but I think the rest of you will be able to see rather more than me! None of the cold ‘Fosters’ either I’m afraid.


Anonymous said...

Nice earner I hope and some compensation for missing out on the cold Fosters.
While your going round in circles, I'll be enjoying the match and listening to the slow trickle of condensation down the outside of my glass.

DrMoores said...

The worst kind of torture imaginable!

James Maskell said...

We'll know if you're going over ahead if you have an Everton banner... An idea maybe? Perhaps not the safest thing to do but as you are in a plane, you'll have a headstart!