Sunday, May 14, 2006

Working Girls

The news, printed in a Kent on Sunday report today, that 300 brothels have been targetted in Kent, with a good many in Thanet, may confirm my speculation about the small groups of Eastern European women, I frequently see on the train from Victoria to Ramsgate, the 'millionaires playground', following what looks like a succesful day out at the shops.

I could be wrong but they never look the part of refugees or commuters so we need to fill an obvious commercial gap at Westwood Cross, which may be sending local money out of Thanet to London's Bond Street instead.


Anonymous said...

Its hard times for working girls in Thanet as the decline in our morality continues; too many willing amateurs who provide a free service are around.
No wonder they have to travel to London, poor things. However, by doing so, they bring back money to the Isle and are probably making a greater contribution to the local economy than the national chains up at Westwood who send the money they take out of Thanet. TDC should give them subsidies like free coaches to London and expand this trade.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of it in Margate, one notorious one is on the corner oppsite 16 Canterbury Road Westbrook where the basement flat has a lot of comings (and goings)The residents upstairs have been in contact with the police who are apparently not at all interested.
Its run by a Ms Satin whose name bears a remarkable resemblance to the operator of another local similar business but there she is known as Ms Silk.
How can this business lady buy leases on flats using fictitious names when you or I have to prove your identity to even buy a Premium Bond?

Old Codger said...

I have no problem with Ms Satin or Silk plying her trade as long as she is not being preyed on by pimps, dealers etc and is a willing working girl not under duress. As long as her 'business' is discrete and clients come and go without disturbance, lets leave her to it.