Sunday, May 21, 2006

A View from Above

While I sit here getting depressed about the weather outside my window, I’m reminded that the Kent Airshow is only a month away now. Last year was a stunning success, thanks to two days of glorious sunshine and I very much hope for all concerned, that summer will finally have arrived by 17th June.

Strangely enough, with all those thousands of people expected over the weekend, no Kent business wants to book any aerial advertising with an available aircraft quite literally on the doorstep. So, on the Saturday afternoon, I’ll go and tow a banner over a big sporting event in Swansea instead, which strikes me as a little ironic, given the relative distances involved.

Once the weather improves a little, I plan to take some more photos. I owe a house shot for the winners of the Thanet Gazette cancer charity flight. When I took them up the other week, Cliftonville was under an isolated carpet of thick fog but there are now several sites, of local planning/development interest that I’d like to take in on my next photo-sortie. If you know of anywhere that might benefit from a quick “Spy in the Sky” view, in the public interest let me know and like the Victoria Road traffic lights last time around, I will try and get some decent photographs. The enterprising Mr Mohammed’s Cliftonville caravan park being one perhaps?

It occurs to me that instead of taking lots of ‘ad hoc’ shots, the council might want some areas of the island mapped properly, so they only have to ask.

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Anonymous said...

It might be interesting to see comparison of May with March pics of TCs. From the air is there a comparable conglomeration of caravans anywhere else on the Isle to this corner of Birchington?

Amy J.