Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sun Shelter

Westgate resident Ann Finch asks: "How do the readers of Thanet Life feel, regarding the plans put forward by West Bay Cafe Westgate, to use part of the shelter beside the cafe, for storage facilities to house their tables and chairs. As it is the only shelter available from the sun and rain at West Bay and is used by many people I think the planning application shall not be popular, and will be opposed by many. "

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"I have been told half the area of the shelter may be used for the storage, if the planning application is granted, and it has has been called in for the 21st June. Will it leave enough seating area for the elderly and those who wish not to sit in direct sun,........ I wonder?"

Ed: I'm with Ann on this one. The Cafe is an excellent one and has already expanded its building during the winter months and so is now almost twice the size it was. I think expanding any further towards the delightful period shelter seen here, is not in the interests of either residents or tourists, as it is used consistently throughout the season. Councillors please take note.


Anonymous said...

This could be a no brainer.
The tables and chairs should only be stored at times when the cafe is closed - the visitors will only be there in large numbers generally when the cafe is open -
therefore as long as the area is still open to visitors when the cafe is open - and the tables are chairs are elswhere in use - everybody wins and nobody loses.
Is this going to be the case?

Snailspace said...

For Planning permission see Big Wheel Margate.

Anonymous said...

Do the cafe rent this shelter from TDC or whoever owns it?
If so then they could start charging people to sit in it if they wanted to, or restrict it to their customers.
If not then why on earth do they think they should store their chairs there?
Maybe they could have a tastefully decorated shipping container somewehere close, thats what councils have done in other places.
Whatever it is it will have to be secure with all those kids from St Nicholas Lodge etc roaming around.

Anonymous said...

Could your source tell us the application number and this will then reveal ownership of the shelter. In my experience this shelter is under used and IF the cafe own it, then fine, go ahead and make a store. If it is TDCs then why spoil the nature of the shelter? Can they not carry tables and chairs in and out of the cafe during the season and in winter when they need less, ship them off site as beach huts are.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

Please note, Mr Latchford, this item is a PUBLIC shelter. another point of interest is:-
a) does the Cafe have Toilets and somewhere to wash hands?
b) It would be easy to grant the owners permission to add a little more storage area to the existing property.
c) I think it all has to do with the weather. When it's raining, customers move the tables a chairs under the Public shelter by themselves anyway. Been there, seen it done! (just saves the owners a job).

Anonymous said...

It is a great cafe and i can heartily recommend the Bacon and egg rolls they do, really tasty...