Friday, May 12, 2006

Star Struck

Apparently Hollywood doesn't want to film its sequel to the Battle Of Britain here because the film crew can't find it on the map so they've decided to film it outside London instead and have asked to borrow an aircraft. I still don't know who the mystery star pilot is. Hope it's Sandra Bullock though!


James Maskell said...

Did they not know that Thanet played its part in the Second World War? I think a few planes landed here and a few boats left one of our ports at some point or other... (I do know our involvement in the war by the way. I have a History A Level) On the other hand, should any of us be suprized they dont know?

Tell them they can borrow an aircraft, but they have to come and get it themselves! That'll teach them ignorant Americans. Ask for royalties as well. Didnt know where it was...what is this world coming to?

B of Birchington said...

Ask a former GI. The Americans were stationed at Manston.