Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spot the Brothel

One reader has already suggested the site of a popular local brothel after reading the earlier post, allegedly, “Opposite 16 Canterbury Road Westbrook” and run by a ‘Miss Satin’. Would anyone else like to offer ‘known’ addresses of the others which are apparently the latest boost to the local economy, offering diverse opportunities to migrant workers.

For the lower-end of the market, there's Miss Corduroy and Miss Sackcloth & Ashes and I'm happy to tell you that ThanetLife has negotiated a 10% entry discount for its readers.

Are these hardworking girls and their enterprising local businesses, threatened by the possibility of a chain of brothels being established at Westwood Cross in the near future? Who holds the franchise rights to them and what does the council and police plan to do about it? More importantly, how much do they charge, do the rooms include wide screen Sky Sports and do they open on Sundays?

I can feel a Thanet Gazumph story on the subject just around the corner can’t you. Over to you Nick Dorman. It's a tough job but someone with trousers has to do it.


Anonymous said...

For those with a more mature taste you might be interested in Vicky's massage (yours or hers and all night.) Her advert has been appearing in Gazunder's sister rag for past twelve years and when I first spotted it, the description was 'mature lady'; she must now be vintage. Its somehow reassuring to see her advert again this week and know that despite foreign competition she's still in business.

Anonymous said...

I have often made Vicky's aquaintance, purely for massage to treat my sports injuries, she tells me that business is so good if she had another pair of legs she would open a branch in Broadstairs.

Mandy said...

Mature relief.
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