Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Spons and Sponsoring

With the Guardian newspaper headlining the fuss over Academy sponsorship money, I notice that the Marlowe Academy is not listed among those who have either received the full £2 million of sponsorship or not received anything at all. It must lie somewhere in between.

Does anyone know?

The Guardian writes: “Most of the sponsors who agreed to fund the prime minister's flagship academy programme have not paid the £2m they pledged, the Guardian has learned. Four academies that opened last September have received no cash at all, and 10 others have received some money but nowhere near the promised sum. Only four have received the full amount. In all, 23 of the 27 academies opened so far are still waiting to receive what was pledged.

Details of the payments, which were outlined in a parliamentary answer, angered opposition leaders and the teaching unions, which had understood that the full £2m would be paid before any academy opened.”

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Anonymous said...

This appears to be a typical Labour cock-up and/or deliberate attempt to mislead everyone. So the tax-payer has been footing the outrageous expenditure per pupil at these academies. Does anyone know if SAGA paid up for Marlowe?