Friday, May 12, 2006

The Sound of Broken Glass

The front page of the Thanet Gazumph this morning, deals with the case of a Westgate shopkeeper who “cracked” after reportedly he had his shop windows smashed by one of the juvenile residents of Ethelbert’s Homes. He retaliated by smashing their windows, when the children's home reportedly declined to pay for the damage to his shop. He claims the home “Which enjoys good relations with the community” according to a spokesperson has caused him £10,000 of damage over the years.

He told the court that he was totally frustrated by the inability of the courts and the police to deal with such matters and by all accounts, this was one broken window too much for him. As a respectable citizen with no previous dealings with the criminal justice system, he was given a conditional discharge.

What would you have done in his shoes? The paper reports the alleged juvenile window-breaker was quickly bundled out of town but a Director of the home denies that any of their wards was involved. If you live in Birchington or Westgate, you can’t help but be aware of these juveniles as in my experience, some never seem to be in school and wander the streets. Now summer has arrived, on any hot day, when the tide is in, you’re quite likely to find these and others swimming and jumping off the promenade between St Mildred’s Bay and West Bay where I predict a tragedy is just waiting to happen.


Anonymous said...

The only thing that surpises me is that he got a conditional discharge, at least that is good news.
I have suffered at the hands of another children's home in Westgate, the director of that place, an ex associate of disgraced Councillor,estate agent and counterfeiter Cyril Hooser, just denies or minimalises everything bad those kids do, whilst pocketing large wads of dosh for homing these unfortunately badly unsupervised children.
I would like to give more exact details but it might be construed as libellous.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life. (a window for a window, is going a bit too far for the Koran to understand).

This poor chap, persecuted by little CRIMINAL vandals, has to face the Court for retaliating...
Just goes to show how ridiculous the situation is becoming here. He will no doubt have to apolagise to the kids involved.

Anonymous said...

These homes are clearly failing in their duty of care to these youngsters if they are allowing them to wander unsupervised around Westgate and potentially prey to local pushers, local criminals and perverts.
Rather than throw bricks through windows gather evidence for Social Services and get them involved by letting them know that these children are 'at risk'. These homes fear Social Services teams constantly on their case far more than some poor local who couldn't take any more!
Start ringing social services if you are a concerned citizen who has anything to draw their attention to. It is your civic duty to protect all our children from neglect or abuse if you feel it is happening. Social services are required to investigate valid issues brought to their attention!

Anonymous said...

This case clearly demonstrates that the public will take the justice into their own hands if the Police fail to do their job properly.
If we want to live in a civilized society here then Kent Police need to be more proactive, for the last few years they have not even been reactive to what they regard as just nuisance crime, they just stonewall you on the phone, don't turn up, say they are too busy, or turn up so late there is no evidence trail.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the kid in question hadn't booked out from the home and so he never left it even though he was seen doing the damage. open and shut case then.. he didn't do it and woz innocent