Friday, May 19, 2006

Some Good News Burglaries are Down

Burglaries in Thanet have reportedly dropped since a burglary reduction team took to the streets this month.

Eight constables and a sergeant have been assigned to the task of reducing burglaries on the island, while a team of four detectives and a detective sergeant deal with burglars once they’ve been arrested.

In the ten weeks prior to the team starting, Thanet suffered an average of twenty-three burglaries a week. However, in the first week of operation, the team’s presence stimulated a huge reduction in burglaries, with only thirteen in the first and second weeks – a drop of almost 43 per cent each week.

Thanet has seen steady increase in the number of house burglaries over the past six months and my own guess is that burglary and an increase in violent muggings is linked to the dramatic rise in drugs offenses, normally the pattern we see in the cities.

So I applaud the drop in burglaries through pro-active policing and would ask that we see a “Zero-tolerance” campaign directed at feral underclass gangs of youths who appear to be responsible for many, if not most of the nastier crimes and anti-social incidents that you’ll read about in the Thanet Gazumph each week.


Anonymous said...

What a surprise! Is'nt it reassuring to see that when police actually do some policing, crime is reduced.
When this little 'op' is over, presumably our local scroats will be back to business as usual.

Anonymous said...

I just found out my greenhouse has been stolen, no doubt for the metal content.
I'm not joking, I went on holiday, came back - and no greenhouse any more.
Harold Road Cliftonville.

Anonymous said...

After the weed bust in Ramsgate, obviously desperate measures being taken by local pot-heads to get alternative production going. My commiserations, anon of Harold Road.

Anonymous said...

Annon of Harold Road. You mention your greenhouse is stolen. That's bad luck. In another posting about a neighbour with two huge mobile homes in his back yard you state there is a hole in the fence big enough for someone to get through. Is that your fence? Was the whole big enough to get a greenhouse through? You've had a hell of a week by the sounds of it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.34 , actually it wasn't too bad a week as Harold Rd goes, only had one car broken into, passenger door window smashed.

Last year we averaged one attempted breakin, or criminal damage a week during the summer months.

I installed security cameras but first of all they were altered in view, they must have used a long pole to do that, then they were totally smashed off the walls - and they were about 20 feet up.

I now keep my boiler room locked with a large hasp and padlock, and a loudly barking dog. I also have a standard burglar alarm with a loud siren and flashing light when its triggered.

I also have other security which I can't talk about as it probably isn't 100% legal any more.

This didn't deter 3 small kids (English by the way) from one of the many flats in the overcrowded and bad condition house next door from breaking out my french window glass and starting to cut through the glazing bars with a handsaw.
They were seen to be doing this by a neighbour the other side who called the police - who amazingly arrived quite quickly but were unable to do anything formal as the kids were all under 10, the one with the saw was 4 years old.
We think it was these kids who also smashed all the ground floor windows one day.

I now have all the lower rear windows and doors securely shuttered with thick plywood.

At least it saves on window cleaners bills.

I am just about to apply for planning permission to erect a 3 metre high security fence between my rear garden and the neighbouring cruddy flats, I do hope that may restore some quality to life IF I am granted the permission.