Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Sexualisation of Children - MP Welcomes Cameron`s Message

North Thanet’s MP, Roger Gale, has given a very warm welcome to the message issued by Conservative Leader David Cameron condemning the "sexualisation of children".

In a message to business and industry David Cameron has said that while the sexualisation of, particularly, young girls may be in the interests of some businesses it is not in the interests of families or of society.

"We accept" says Roger Gale "that young people from, for example, dance and stage schools will enjoy appearing in sophisticated costumes in pantomimes.  Those costumes, though, do not have to artificially replicate the clothes worn by young adults or to send out promiscuous signals.  There is all the difference in the world between kids wearing tap shoes and star-spangled leotards and children wearing "mini bikinis" and high-heels.

Some of the advertising of products appearing on television also offer images that, frankly, play to dubious audiences."

The MP, who prior to election to parliament was a Teenage and Children's TV producer and director, adds:

"This is a very sensitive subject and I applaud David Cameron for having the courage to go where many angels would fear to tread and to spell out clearly concerns that will be shared by very many parents and grandparents of young children. We all grow old fast enough and it's time that someone spoke out for what ought to be the innocence of childhood"


Anonymous said...

We used to use a simple word called modesty. If mums are wearing immodest clothing and have no concept of modesty, then it is hardly surprising that their young daughters might be wearing immodest outfits. The visual is regarded as a strong sexual trigger in the human male. Are we not crazy if we allow our young girls to be visual triggers of male sexuality?

James Maskell said...

I agree with Roger Gale here. A lot of young girls clothes is over the top. As the previous commenter saud, modesty is the key word.

I do think Cameron could have found a more recent example to refer to when he brought up BHS from three years ago. That line was taken down almost immediately after complaints were received. That said, that line shouldnt have come out until it had been checked with objective eyes.

Anonymous said...

When I see what our young women and even very young girls wear in Thanet, I begin to understand the Moslem approach to covering up the female form.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a problem in how "we" as adults and sexualy aware perceive as provocative,and children naive as they are, wish to emulate many childhood heroes such as barbie etc.
I think it is very much a sign of the times,with the huge amount of spin said about adults sexualy atracted to children on every street corner waiting to pounce,of course any potential prime minister would like to be seen as the defender of our childrens innocence.
But as previously pointed out the examples used were ludicrously out of date.
Why is it that many adults seem to spend so much time concerning themselves with childrens sexuality.

Anonymous said...

Children are encouraged to grow up too fast these days, I guess you have to if you want to get pregnant at 14 or 15 so you can get a council house.
I believe childhood is all too short, those innocent fun days don't last long anyway, why shorten them by trying to dress or behave as adults before you have to.
Mothers in particular seem to dress up little girls in miniature adult clothes and shoes, and encourage them to wear makeup.
Its just plain wrong.