Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sea - It's Gone

The Sea Tower in St Mildred’s Bay has, I see, disappeared since last I walked the dog. Five construction workers in helmets and yellow jackets are presently attempting to sledgehammer the wall that separates the property from the seafront path as I write but the wall, built before the days of instant retirement homes, is made of sterner stuff and is putting up a fierce resistance.

They could of course reverse the bulldozer into it but this might cause all kinds of health and safety problems and complaints from people walking on the promenade below, so sledgehammer will have to do for now and very soon, the last gap in the skyline to the south will be blotted-out by the emergence of yet another luxury property block or two in this case.

A little bit of local history and colour joins the brick rubble on the road and I’ll leave you with a photo, a ‘Memento Mori’ of a changing seafront in Westgate. If you "click" on the picture, you can zoom up and see the building and its pool quite nicely in the centre of the picture.

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Anonymous said...

Always pleasing on the eye as one came away from Pavs. I feel rather sorry for those in flats on either side; presumably your title applies to them!