Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rural Housing is Significantly Less Affordable

A report from “Property News” today, shows that house prices in rural areas are significantly less affordable than in urban areas, according to the latest Halifax English Rural Housing Index. The average property price in rural areas is 6.7 times average annual earnings compared with a ratio of 5.6 in urban areas.

Pendle (North West) is the rural local authority which has the most housing (17%) classed as unfit for dwelling in. After Pendle, the rural local authorities with the most unfit housing are Shepway (10%), West Dorset (9%) and Thanet (8%).

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Anonymous said...

How many homes does 8% unfit for habitation represent? Money would be better spent sorting these houses out but according to yesterday's thread TDC is not prepared to do this. No big profit for developers if we ameliorate a so called housing shortage by improving the stock we have. So go on TDC allow building of your nice new estates on green fields until we have all 128sq km of the Isle covered in concrete or in caravans.