Friday, May 26, 2006

Precipitation Update

My dog refused to go outside this morning. She took one look at the rain splashing hard against the pavement outside my back door and retreated back into the warmth of her basket.

This month is on course to be the wettest May on record and when the Government granted drought orders to two more water companies yesterday they both decided not to implement them.

Southern Water and Mid Kent Water’s actions confirmed what may have seemed obvious to anyone who has glanced out of their windows over the past few weeks. It’s raining!


Amy J. said...

East Kent Weather has had a problem for the past week recording rainfall so look on 'Local Weather' and get accurate data from North Birchington.
Story so far for May is that 6.3mm fell this morning bringing monthly total so far up to 105.7mm. Rainfall for year so far is 220.7mm and is now well above average for Thanet. The average for Birchington in May is 38 mm so we have had approx 3 times our normal rainfall this month.

I await with interest the back-tracking by water companies who have been bailed out by 'Him' upstairs.
The good thing about the rain this month has been the amounts in a given time. A lot in a 36hr period percolates into subsoil below root reach and should end up replenishing groundwater levels rather than be transpired out by plants.
How much has fallen on Thanet in the past 4 weeks? Approximately:
12,400,000,000 litres or approximately 2,800,000,000 gallons. Per head that is 18,666 gallons. Do you believe we have a DROUGHT in the South East? I don't.

Amy J.

Anonymous said...

Simon, you should never let a dog win, not even once.
Before you know it the dog is the boss in the house and everything will revolve around the dog.
And always make sure the dog is lower than you, never let it on
the sofa with you.
Keep it on the floor and give it a couple of painful kicks from time to time just so that it knows you are the boss.

Anonymous said...

anon again!

we DID have a drought in the South East, we still do....
the real amounts of water still have to fill the sub terra wells and pits. These were all dry too! About another 2 weeks of rain should do the trick, BUT, there can be NO more building of new houses in the area, because the problem would then become more permanent and serious.

If Council Members do check this site out, please get some expert advice from Engineers before allowing any NEW building to take place.

Dr Moores, you have a clever dog. Look after her!

Anonymous said...

At least with a hosepipe ban the beer in some thanet pubs will be a bit stronger!!!!!!