Sunday, May 14, 2006

Over a Barrel

The water companies may be having us on. Yes there is a drought but Kent on Sunday reveals that its the customer who may be "Wet behind the ears" when it comes to the water company profits and leaks of hundreds of millions of gallons of water.


Old Codger said...

It is the duty of water companies to provide water. If there are occasional blips in the local natural supply, they must ensure they either have sufficient storage capacity or the means of shifting it from areas of plenty to where it is needed.
In 1996? Yorkshire was drought ridden and stand-pipes and bowsers were used to provide emergency supplies. The Water Compnay concerned concerned was fined and its failings were clearly identified as the prime cause of failure to supply.
I believe the southern England water companies have an agenda to put all of us on water meters as this will dramatically boost income and profits. To achieve this end they have not increased water storage; have failed to put in a water grid and are slow in sorting out leaks in their system; all of this requires additional expenditure and reduces profits.
Instead they are hoodwinking politicians with the environmental green angle that water is precious and a limited resource that must be conserved; conservation is a good angle to promote of course!
The reality is that each day on average, across the British Isles, over 3,500 gallons of water per man woman and child falls out of the sky. A water shortage? You have got to be kidding.

Anonymous said...

Here here, Old Codger. You don't see people queing at standpipes in semi-arid places like Southern Spain or Greece. And yet 30 years ago, we were told not to drink the water there, because their water infrastructure was so poor. How come they've invested, and we haven't? The answer is profit. And let us not forget it was the Tories who sold us down the river bed.