Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Operation Crackdown

A Cannabis factory has been discovered in an industrial unit in Whitehall Road in Ramsgate during a Police raid yesterday.

There were reportedly 2,000 plants growing in the building, being cultured by a sophisticated hydroponics system.

Det Insp Nick Greenan said: "This is the largest plantation of cannabis ever uncovered in Thanet. It is a well set-up operation, with lights, an irrigation system, nurseries and several rooms with plants in various stages of growth."

He stressed: "The factory had the potential to produce millions of pounds of drugs.

"Crime scene investigators are at the plantation taking forensic samples after which the building will be emptied and the plants destroyed."

Police have not yet made any arrests in connection with the seizure.

I’m sure others will wish to comment on this story as this may have been set-up to support the influx of millionaires into the town of Ramsgate and to help while away the dull winter evenings. Quite ironic, I think as the police in Norfolk have just asked me to fly a banner around East Anglia promoting “Operation Crackdown”, the new national anti-drugs initiative. I can do Thanet too if Kent police are interested. May be a little late though!

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Anonymous said...

With so much of the limited prime agricultural land in Thanet disappearing under caravan sites and new 'towns' I am pleased to see Ramsgate trialling modern, intensive horticultural methods. "We fort they woz colliflours" might be pushing the bounds of credibility too far.