Tuesday, May 09, 2006

One Thousand New Homes

James Maskell has sent in a note to tell us that:

“Gleeson Homes have released details about the 1000 home development planned for Westwood. It might be worth making a Weblog entry about it. Local residents apparently saw it today and quotes aired on Invicta FM, citing concerns about traffic.

For more details please see http://www.gleeson-homes.co.uk/westwood.asp

Thanks James.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the look. Nash Road is already a ratrun for Westwood as is Manston Rd out of Birchington. Unless roundabouts are put in on Nash Road/Star Lane and Star Lane/Margate Road this whole area will gridlock far beyond what we have experienced. Any secondary school journeys must cross the old Pearce Signs roundabout at busy times and the chaos when this estate is being constructed will be interesting. More prime agricultural land disappears although lots of derelict land down Richborough and Sandwich way.

James Maskell said...

Well, after finding out the plans were on show at Westwood Cross today, I had a hasty wander over there (which from Cliftonville is quite a challenge!) to have a peek at the plans and listen to what the people have to say.

I think it needs saying that this proposal isnt a detailed one and is literally a general plan for it. It was interesting seeing what a local resident had to say about it. The concerns I was seeing is a general feeling that this is too large and serious concerns about traffic and road safety. The lady there tried her best to answer the questions but it was obvious she'd been asked these questions all day and was feeling the worse for wear and frustrated. Concerns were also raised that the jobs arent there and that the houses will look very out of place in Thanet.

Thankfully Nash Road Farm will stay, though I sadly feel its going to take the brunt of the force when building begins and might be a casualty in this development.

After seeing the general plans, I still feel unable to support it. I am concerned about road safety and traffic flows. With a thousand houses will come thousands of people, many with their own cars, which could cripple the road network. The idea of a park in the middle of the town is a great idea but I have concerns about the safety for those outside of the planned development crossing Nash Road to get there.

Perhaps some residents living near to the proposed development could let us know...how much consultation did you have in this? The indication given was that there was lots but I dont recall much in the press about this, asking for representations from the public.

worm said...

Councillor Wise does not think the traffic has been or will be a problem:


Anonymous said...

Does Cllr Wise go everywhere by helicopter then?
Do these Cllrs actually live in Thanet????
(we know they do but you might be forgiven for thinking they don't)

Anonymous said...

I went back to Cllr Wise's comments 'worm' as I found your statement amazing; forgive me for doubting you! Last Saturday pm decided to turn left at Victoria lights to travel uo to Westwood Cross to Tesco's. Hit tail back at Lesters and should have aborted mission but decided to see how long it would take to get to Westwood. 43 MINUTES. Never again. This is why the whole set-up is a disaster. Shrewsbury set up large out of town shopping areas around the dual-carriageway by-pass system
of the A5. No traffic problems because the road infrastructure was already in place to cope with it.
The trouble with Cllr Wise and TDC Planning Dept, is that they fail to see what we normal people see. For example "wot traffic" for gridlocked roads and "wot caravans" for an eyesore you can see from a kilometre away!
No wonder I feel like the little boy in "The Emperor's New Clothes". The only difference is when we shout "the emperor is bo**** naked"
TDC thinks he has a fine suit of clothes on.

Anonymous said...

Fell off the chair laughing. Complain about a queue from Lester's to Westwood Cross at a time of major road works and construction in that area. This is the real world - get a life.

Anonymous said...

9.40 anon - to get a life you have to move out of Thanet.
Last one out please turn off the lights.

James Maskell said...

Anonymous 8:40pm has a good point. I work at the Victoria Lights and traffic flows have definite increased since Westwood Cross. There are regular large tailbacks from the junction. The idea of more traffic lights outside the hospital (Ramsgate Road side), is a worrying thought. These traffic problems have been here before the road works. The road works just make a bad problem worse.

The 1000 homes may well lead to gridlock for large portions of the day. The problems are serious already.

About Councillors, to qualify they either have to work or live in the District. Id prefer that they live or work in the ward they represent but that would probably disqualify large numbers of Councillors already sitting.

Anonymous said...

James , if that would disqualify sitting councillors I am all for it!
They shouldn't be sitting, lazy wotsits,they should be working for us!
(That is a play on words James just in case you didn't realize, don't take it seriously)

worm said...

I almost got rammed the other day coming out of Tesco's car park on to the access road that runs past Tesco's garage, by a rat runner desperately trying to jump the queue a bit. Tesco's CP has become a ratroute for seething motorists. Can't say I blame them. When you come from St Peters to Wastewood (sic) you often meet the queue for the roundabout at Perrys.
I wonder where councillors do their shopping?

Anon, I forgive you.

Anonymous said...

Worm - Canterbury I expect

B of Birchington said...

There is a lot to be said for online shopping. I loathe going to Westwood now and Margate High Street is to cry for now.
What are they doing to Thanet?

Anonymous said...

Its not only Margate High St where the shops are closing down, the little newsagent "shop on the hill" near the Revolution Skate Park/ Homewoods Lighting area closed recently, and also M Wise computers in Westbrook where there are now quite a few empty shops - M Wise closed down last Saturday.
And as far as Northfown Rd Cliftonville, well even the charity shops are closing, and they normally pay no rates so don't have that overhead to contend with.