Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Old Ramsgate

An interesting new Weblog just popped-up, “Old Ramsgate.” It carries photographs of the town in the past and today and so is worth a visit if you happen to live in the millionaires’ paradise of the south coast.

In fact Thanet Weblogs now appear to be appearing like a rash.  Some good, some not so good and some occupying an ambiguous middle-space while the find their feet in the ‘blogosphere’. We won’t be needing newspapers soon!


Anonymous said...

Seems like someone is copying the Doverpast website www.doverpast.co.uk :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck to them, I think doverpast is a pretty poor site....needs updating. So I guess doverpast was the first site to use old postcards than to try re-take them.

SkinOfStars said...

i take it you picked that up off the thanet blog list. i see it also picked up another of your blogs good doctor :)