Thursday, May 04, 2006

Not Criminal Just Very Naughty

Staying with the schools and education theme, here’s an encouraging item of news for you, More than 4,500 crimes in Kent and East Sussex schools were recorded by police in 14 months, figures obtained under Freedom of Information laws have shown.

The BBC reports offences included wounding, theft, arson, drug-taking, vandalism and harassment.

One school Bexhill High School, a specialist technology college, has 1,600 students and had the highest number of reported crimes since January 2005 among South East schools.

Head teacher Mike Conn said the school was not "crime-ridden".

If it’s not, then I’d hate to see what a really “crime-ridden” school is like.

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Anonymous said...

This crime is in school, so is it not likely that youngsters responsible are committing even greater levels of crime outside school?
Its not boozed up party animals we should worry about(they sober up) but rather the generation of out of control lawless youngsters. Report from Westgate resident on vandalism to phone booths outside station: kicked in mid-morning Monday; repaired on Wednesday and kicked in again Thursday. All in broad daylight, on a schoolday, in front of shoppers and shopkeepers who didn't feel like doing a Mrs Robinson.