Tuesday, May 02, 2006

MP Questions Charles Clarke on Alcohol Crime

North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, is questioning the Home Secretary over the levels of alchohol-related crime and anti-social behaviour in Kent.

The questions follow concerns expressed at the weekend by Kent`s Chief Constable, Mike Fuller and are due for written answer next Monday (8th May).

"I am asking for Home Office figures for crimes and anti-social incidents reported in each of the years from 1996 to the present" says Roger Gale "and I have also asked for information gathered since the implementation of the 2005 licencing act at the end of last year.

I think we need to know what the Home Secretary intends to do to address issues that are causing very real problems for Kent police and residents and that generate huge costs upon the taxpayer.

Certain sections of the press may consider it amusing to promote the "ladette boozing culture" but others are left to pick up the bill for the social and health damage caused.  There is all the difference in the world between the responsible attractions of "café society" and the wreckage caused by juvenile binge drinking".


Anonymous said...

It seems to be an unfortunate fact that our "British", culture is renowned for boozing youngsters who do not know how to enjoy themselves without getting paralytic. On the continent however, alcohol is more freely available and yet they do not appear to have our problems, certainly not to such an extent. Can anyone explain why this is?

Anonymous said...

Most of us are not really put out by the boozed up fraternity; its the younger teens who are not parlytic that are committing burglary in Wellesly Road; smashing and breaking into cars in Cliftonville and attacking people in the street in chav gangs.

The marine Terrace scrap and disorderly behaviour that leads to arrests by Kent's Finest as a result of too much hospitality provided by Mr Thorley et al is of little concern to most of us.

Anonymous said...

When you actually return to the same planet as the rest of us in Thanet, let us know.

Anonymous said...

I cannot agree that alcohol fuelled poor behaviour is to be tolerated more than anti social behaviour from other sources. There is a clear overlap between the two, and those who are anti social in their younger years are more likely to abuse alcohol later on. It is a peculiarly british desease, but I was never convinced the answer was to pretend we had a continental view of this sort of thing and ignore the reality of binge drinking. This is flawed legislation based on unproven assumption with little merit. I seem to remember the government telling us that happy hours would be a thing of the past - yet I see several in Thanet right now.

Chris Wells

Old Codger said...

In the good old days, a troublesome boozer was locked up and appeared before the magistrates on the next working day. A weekend in the police station cells is a simple way to encourage sobriety. I tend to agree that for most residents the antics on Marine Terrace are far removed from the niggling petty crime and anti-social behaviour that is afflicted on our community by very sober people.