Wednesday, May 17, 2006

More Bloggers Required

Looking at the sidebar, there’s evidence of a growing Weblog community now in Thanet and I want to encourage anyone with something to say or even a local diary to join-in and try their hands at being an online writer.

It’s really easy, you can choose to remain anonymous if you prefer and all you have to do is to visit choose a name for your weblog and a suitable template and then start writing.

Once you’ve tried a few entries and when your’e happy with the result, simply send along the link to add to my 'Blog-roll' sidebar with all the other local resources and join the expanding community of local “bloggers”. I reserve the right however, not to link to any site which tolerates bad language or personal attacks.

A Weblog for each town and village in Thanet would be excellent as a means of building a universal picture of what’s happening around the island and what people’s interests and concerns are.

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