Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Land of Nim by the Sea

Focusing on the population of North Kent, the failed Education Secretary and now the new Communities and Local Government minister, Ruth Kelly, has said she is determined to root out ‘Nimbys’ - the ‘Not-in-my-backyard’ tendency. Building more affordable homes is a priority” said the minister who will no doubt be delighted with plans to build one thousand new homes opposite Westwood Cross. There's a more detailed evaluation in Tony Flaig's Weblog.

Given 1.5 cars per family, that gives us at least 1,500 news cars to add to the traffic already trying to negotiate the Margate and Ramsgate roads in the mornings and evening but a welcome increase in council tax revenues. I’m just wondering where all these new homeowners are going to be working in Thanet.

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