Thursday, May 25, 2006

How Low Can We Go?

Amid the shambles we call government in our country today; one headline in The Times came as no surprise, which is ironic.

Yesterday it was disclosed that James Dawute, the chief immigration officer who allegedly offered to speed up a Zimbabwean teenager’s asylum claim in return for sexual favours, was given British citizenship despite being an illegal over-stayer.

So, the illegals are reportedly running parts of the immigration service, which the new Home Secretary told Parliament is “Unfit for purpose.”

What’s next I wonder, a nuclear power station under the management of Al Qaeda?

How low can we go? We know that we haven’t seen the bottom yet, so I’m sure there’s more to come in the way of surprises.


Anonymous said...

This sums up the farce of our country under this Govt. This guy's name is familiar as a Nigerian one. If so, I am not surprised at his behaviour. Corruption in every level of Govt in Nigeria is the norm, and 'dash' is regarded as a right. The fact that he was an illegal overstayer says little for vetting procedures and I would be fascinated to now how many recent immigrants legal and otherwise, are now civil servants. I have heard of turning poachers into gamekeepers but this is absolute nonsense.

Anonymous said...

You will find out how low we can go, and that we have reached the bottom, if ever we have the tragedy of another Tory Government. Of course there is disaffection with Labour, but times now can never be as bad as the 18 years of Tory hell. Let's not forget how, in 1992, they spent, and lost over £1.8 billion trying to shore up sterling to stop it falling from the ERM; how they introduced the Poll Tax; how they led the privatisations that so many contributors to this site now criticise; how the Health Service was in far worse shape under their stewardship; and how many Tory MPs, including their Prime Minister, and the local crook, Aitken, were involved in sexual or financial scandals. Labour could never be worse than that crowd.

Anonymous said...

Poster of 7:29 says he would be 'fascinated to know how many recent immigrants legal and otherwise, are now civil servants' I work with a Nigerian who is 'legal'. We work in a busy central Government Legal Office. He has passed his Legal Practice Certificate and attends church every Sunday. The guys who clean our bins and vacumn the floor look foreign. None of them are white caucasians.

Anonymous said...

At least a Tory Govt didn't lie to the British people about going to invade another country; the Iraq nonsense has cost us far more than than 1.8billion. the Tories took a little longer to run out of steam that this presnt crew; there is nothing wrong with controlled immigration but to admit you have no idea how many illegal immigrants you have; to admit you casually release foreign criminals who are a danger back on to streets instead of deporting them and then to admit "my department is unfit for purpose" sums up Blair's Govt: it, as a whole Govt, is now unfit for purpose.