Saturday, May 27, 2006

Flying Cat

Your chance to win a flight in a Catalina flying boat to celebrate this year's Kent Air Show. Somehow though I doubt it will risk landing in the sea opposite Palm Bay.

Send your name, address, phone and email to: Air Show Competition, Kent On Sunday, Apple Barn, Smeeth, Ashford, TN25 6SR. - Competition closes June 9th.


Snailspace said...

If this confounded rain keeps up we'll all need boats

Nethercourt said...

Humph... I've 'ad to put a tracker on our dog 'cos 'e gets lost in the grass when 'e goes for a 'p'!

Treeplanter said...

Went looking for our new hedgerow this morning and found the 'alexanders' higher than the hawthorns. Everything growing at enormous fecundity in this severe drought.