Thursday, May 04, 2006

Farming Out

Just in time to reinforce those allegations of political bias, here's a release from Roger Gale on cauliflowers, just in.

Kent Farms Suffer as Government withholds Cash

Kent's farmers are suffering financial difficulties while this Government fails to pay money due to them, claims North Thanet's MP Roger Gale.

Speaking in his North Thanet constituency - famed for its cauliflower and potato production - this morning the MP says:

"At the turn of the year agriculture Minister, Lord (Willi) Bach claimed that most farms in England would have received payments due by the end of March.

We are now heading towards mid-summer and the response, received this week, to my parliamentary question, reveals that less than fifty per cent of farmers in England have in fact received the Single Farm Payments due to them. This is causing real hardship in a farming community already suffering from the buying power of supermarket chains and from cheap overseas imports.

In Scotland, farmers received their money months ago. The shambles that is the Ministry of Agriculture (DEFRA) in England has meant that vital funds are being denied to English farmers.

We are now at a stage that the deadline for farmers to submit claims for the coming year is fast approaching. The farmers do not have the figures to work on because last year's claims have still not been settled and the Government refuses to shift the date of the deadline! I see more chaos and more farm closures ahead.

The Prime Minister might like to sack Lord Bach and take personal charge of agriculture as well as of the Health Service and the Home Office!"


Giles said...

Sadly, incompetence and maladministration by this Govt no longer surprises. This ministry turned Foot& Mouth from a serious outbreak into an unmitigated disaster, why should we expect better performance 5 years later. God help us all if we ever have a serious world food crisis, as neglect of our farming sector in this country will resurrect another Labour policy from the late 1940s; peacetime rationing!

Anonymous said...

Great picture of Roger Gale though.