Friday, May 19, 2006

Crack Alley Protest

With a pensioner jailed this week in Kent for refusing to pay his poll tax, another pensioner in Derbyshire is facing jail for protesting against her council's "refusal" to help residents in her once picturesque street which has been overrun by drug dealers and prostitutes.

Her street full of boarded-up windows, flats - many of them squats - crammed with homeless drug addicts and immigrants. An alleyway behind it was dubbed "Crack Alley" after council workers found 900 hypodermic needles in one hour. Sounds familiar? It could be many places in Britain today.

This case raises interesting questions over a council’s duty to enforce the law and provide residents with a decent environment in return for their council tax and indeed, who should be in front of the courts and sent to jail, the drug dealers or the protesting pensioner.

So will she be jailed too? – Read on.

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Cllr David Green said...

It could well be many places in Britain today, and much nearer home than you might think.
For some YEARS now I have been trying to persuade Thanet Council';s housing department to take their Landlord's responibilities seriously with regard to their tenants in Trove Court and Kennedy House High rise blocks. I have finally managed to persuade the Council that it must maintain the security doors, and most recently that it examines its lettings policies with regard to these blocks (each has 90 family units on 15 floors.
Even so, residents constantly report finding drug equipment on stairs, landings and outside the building. The residents constantly report the offending dealers to the authorities (they know which flats are involved, their are three flats in one block at the momment). Occasionally the police raid the worst offenders and they are taken away for a few months.
My point is that the Council (as Landlord)is failing these mainly law abiding residents by not dealing robustly with tenants that abuse their tenancy