Monday, May 01, 2006

By Your Bootstraps

With all the Weblogs now springing-up in Thanet – see sidebar links – this semi-detached island of ours is starting to develop a healthy ‘Samizdat’ underground information and news resource, as well as an interesting perspective on what’s happening around the place.

Yesterday, I had an hour to take a good long look at the Great Yarmouth sea-front area from the air and was impressed at how clean, tourist-friendly and well-landscaped it all was, with a long water feature park running parallel to the sands. Even the pier and the sea-front amusements looked inviting and evoked distant memories of Margate as a boy and walking along the pier with my grandfather.

Now, look at Margate seafront from the air and there are hundreds of photos available from the links section on the sidebar and you’ll probably come to the same conclusion as me. Great beach but doesn’t it look messy, a crumbling sixties presence, with the huge and almost empty space of Dreamland behind it and the towering slab of the tower block adjacent to a crumbling station approach.

What does regeneration really mean in this broader context and not just the Old Town but the whole seafront, to bootstrap Margate up to a level with other resorts?


Anonymous said...

anon again!

Ah well, you see, Great Yarmouth has a caring Council, that insists on keeping appearances up! (unlike the TDC, who seem determined to *let things crumble until it falls down of its own accord*, then clean up the mess (look at the old Town Centre)... but it didn't cost them much, so that's ok...

Even Hastings has regained most of its Victorian glory, thanks to determined Council. Thanet DC, just take so long in talking about it, the places will be well flattened by the time they reach a decision.
New Rules have to be made! Delapidated properties *must* become a thing of the past. I heard that in Hastings, for instance, that the Council set a dealine for the "scruffy" places to be 'done up' or they would do it, and send the owner the Bill. Surprisingly, only 1 or 2 left it too late for the Councils action plan, out of a couple of hundred dwellings. (TDC, go and have a look, you can be there in about an hour and half by car).
It worked there, IT might just work here too!

Eastcliff Richard said...

Just to be clear, my blog's available to read all week, not just on a Samizdat.

Anonymous said...

The problem of decline in Thanet is that it has simply not been addressed. Westwood was an unmitigated disaster for Margate High St; went against Govt policy on reducing out of town development and has created extra pollution due to traffic jams. Everything was to be OK, we were told, the TC will save us. 6 years on and £7m wasted and we are back at square 1.
The secret appears to put locals first in other places and make it nice for them and the tourists will follow. TDC seems to allow developers and certain individuals free rein to exploit the area to make a great deal of money without even considering the consequences. This is either incompetence on our elected representatives part or something altogether more worrying.

Anonymous said...

Did you take any photographs of Yarmouth seafront from the air? I'd be fascinated to see them if you have any.

Anonymous said...

Here we go again, same old story decade after decade after decade. As residents, we can only hope that it's incompetence.
One day however, we might be lucky enough to have the opportunity to elect some Councillors who are prepared to make infomed decisions and implement them, rather than hide behind so-called 'expert' officers who play games with the members, and then proceed to do nothing.