Thursday, May 11, 2006

Argos Margate to Close?

Just in from one of our readers:

"You may remember a piece in the Gazette announcing that Argos were to open a new Extra store but that this would not mean the closure of their shops in Margate and Ramsgate. Wrong!!! Margate staff were today told that Margate store will close when the new super beast is open!"

Can anyone else confirm this story?


Anonymous said...

Well, what a surprise. Any TDC Councillors out there in blogsphere like to comment or too embarrassing? This is not another nail in margate's coffin but the first shovel of soil going in the grave. We seem to have the most blinkered and naive council in the country. Oh yes, Argos said they had no intention of closing down Margate but since they have 'reviewed' trading, the Margate store is not sustainable?Different company to Waterbridge but the same siren voices and the same game. Whilst TDC tinker around with TC version two, others are maximising profits, courtesy of TDCs utterly irresponsible planning. Something stinks and its too early in the summer for rotting seaweed.

Artyblartfast said...

Quelle surprise. Latest rumour I've heard is that Margate High Street is considering closing. I imagine if TDC can get five closed shops in a row they win a prize.

Anonymous said...

In Westbrook where I live we used to have a thriving and busy parade of shops, now some have been converted into ground floor flats with no parking for the tenants cars, and others lie empty, the latest being MWise computer shop which seems to have suddenly closed last Monday, having taken a payment on an order for a computer on Saturday.There is no message on the door, or any other address to go to or phone number to call.
Does anyone know if its permanent or temporary closure?

ossie said...

Margate Argos closure UNTRUE. My wife works there and was told that they have to keep it open for at least 12 months after opening the new one at Westwood.

worm said...

Hope so.
Anyway if it is true, TDC will have to think what can be done with the site by whomever owns it.
I know! Let's.................
build some houses!
Better still make them holiday lets or second homes . Then the ghettoisation of Margate will be complete. The Chavs can have their burn ups there and no one will notice because it will be empty for 9 months of the year.

Anonymous said...

So it is going to close down then, but only after the new store has been open for 12 months. Interesting that the phrase used is that they 'have' to keep it open!
I wonder what they will put into this new huge cavity in Margate, 366 days after the opening of the new store!

Anonymous said...

As was stated this week "Argos have never closed a store in a town in which they have opened a larger one". As was also pointed out, we have an Argos in Ramsgate and Margate, and a new one coming in Broadstairs. Mmmmm I wonder....?

Chris Wells

Anonymous said...

Who are we to believe in all of this? Argos employees discussing their shrinking job prospects as a result of what their employer told them would have no reason to lie. So if we accept Argos is to close in Margate, the real issue issue is not if but when?
Chris, what is the situation here as your enigmatic "Mmmmmm I wonder...?" does not throw any light on the matter? Was there an enforcable obligation to keep Argos in Margate open for one year minimum?