Sunday, April 09, 2006

Wrong Address

I see that one of our local websites, that I link to, quite freely as another Thanet resource, is trying to capture search traffic by putting "Thanet Life" in its banner. It could of course be an innocent coincidence!

Imitation is of course the sincerest form of flattery but given the one-way traffic between the two sites, I don't think the website author realises what impact on his own traffic - plummeting sales of wheel chairs - might possibly result if I were to 'metatag' his website's name and remove the link on the sidebar opposite.

As you can see here, I'm happy to publicise any local website and have never given any thought to the subject of competition, as you decide where you want to go on the Web not me. But visibly trying to hook new visitors to a site that also sells advertising, by trying to tweak the search engine 'Spiders' strikes me as a bit "off."

Should I remove the link from here to the website in question? What do you think?


Eastcliff Richard said...

Name and shame the bounder, Dr M.

Or better still, get one of your superspy web-bots to crawl all over his site inserting the words 'Gordon Brown' at random.

DrMoores said...

No, naming and shaming isn't appropriate and a glance at the website in question says it all really!

The owner is unchastened and so I've removed his link and taken your second suggestion instead and I'll let my busy little Web-bots do the work for me!

Anonymous said...

anon again!

I'm for peace in Thanet!

There are so many URL's popping up with "Thanet Life" in their titles, on goooooogle search .. I didn't find out which other site was meant...
Also, the www. is open to anyone, .com's are different, they are commercial.
Not criticising, just stating facts.
It would be nice to see everybody getting on, rather than stirring up bother... leave that to the Middle east.(That was not a racist remark, just a generalisation).

Anonymous said...

With reference to the 11:01 message.

You are right! Thanet Life is all over Thanet.

With reference to the 9:25 message.
What is a Web bot please?


DrMoores said...

No it's the way in which "Thanet Life" as an expression is used in a title to catch traffic ..there's a diffeence between this and using it in a simple sentence.. anyway.. a web bot is something that crawls around looking for websites to index! Ofen called a "spider"

Wibble said...

SO does this mean that any site on the web that has a sentance with soem words that happen to match yours mean they are trying to steal traffic from you?
Have you asked the owners of the site if that is what they are trying to do?
Sounds like jealousy of the competion to me, which should be a healthy thing and not attacked!
I personally like the site you are accusing and i think that you calling names and making threats about using bots will only make you look stupid, no-one likes a bully.

DrMoores said...

It doesn't quite work like that and I agree that competition is healthy and is to be encouraged. You might like to note that I link to anyone who has something to offer, whether they might be perceived to be in competition or not.

However, let me make a technical analogy Mr Wibble!

Let's say you live in a town and have a popular shop called "Mr Wibble" but someone, who may wish to "compete".. Set's up a shop which advertises itself on its hoarding- "Everything Mr Wibble"

Is that right or wrong, innocent or not? You tell me.

Fundamentally, it's a little more technically involved but the principle remains the same.

DrMoores said...

I guess that only you and I know the site which I am "accusing" because you'll note that I haven't told anyone else!

Anyway, the material that provoked this little argument has been removed - thank you - and I have reinstated the weblink from here to there and "called-off" my little "bots". So life carries on and I wish the website in question well.

Anonymous said...

Wibble likes the site which you haven't mentioned Dr M.
Could Wibble possibly be the owner of the un-mentioned site, trying to pass himself off as an outraged member of the general public?!!!
P S What does he mean about competition, it doesn't apply as you don't take advertising, perhaps he does and that's why he's cross.

Wibble said...

As i use the site that has the term thanet life on the main page it was plainly obvious which you meant
You also say in your first bit of blurb "plummeting sales of wheelchairs" again i know that the site i refer to has an ad for a mobility business
Your friend says name and shame the bounder which also points a finger at the only site i know with a page of that name
I think i was just in what i said earlier and not hostile, yet you seem to be towards me
Your theory of me being the owner of the site are wrong, i was just having my say after being told by a friend what you were saying
Good for you and your site and keep it up, their site does their thing and you yours, so let us have a happy Thanet life :)

Anonymous said...

Well thats perfectly clear then!!