Sunday, April 23, 2006

A World of Arts

A cultural “blogfest” on the Arts & Elbows weblog today with a celebration of local girl, Tracey Emin, described as: “Britain's Greatest Living Artist.” I might not agree but I’m delighted that we now have a website from our very own answer to Brian Sewell that takes an original and critical look at the local arts scene and more importantly proves that we have one to support the ambitions surrounding the building of the Turner Contemporary.

Meanwhile, from the southern side of the island, some arts news from Eastcliff Richard who writes: “I see one of our poodle sized seagulls has made a rather substantial deposit on the recently restored statue of Pugin opposite the Granville…”

For any of you with artistic aspirations, please follow the link to Art.Com to create your very-own online masterpiece to rival the very best of Tracey Emin. You can of course paint your unique contemporary gallery for rather less than £9 million - nothing in fact – and send the results along here for judging by our panel of experts. Here’s one, seen above, I did earlier.


Gordon Bennet said...

Read 'critical look' and wot a load of tosh. Contemporary Art seems an excuse for the mediocre and distasteful.
Your 'heart' clearly symbolises the distress of the brokenhearted when the marine TC was abandoned and catches the fleeting nature of life's setbacks. I look forward to seeing it in the 'new' TC.

Artyblartfast said...

Thanks for your kind words.
I do verge on the micro-nationalistic when it comes to anything from this beautiful island.
Be warned when I get to that part of my list marked "Biggles" you will, of course, be "Britain's Greatest Living Pilot".
Chocks away!