Friday, April 14, 2006

Westwood Halt

I’ve just been trying to drive to Westwood Cross to buy some new printer cartridges at Staples, The traffic is insane and the queue starts at B&Q on the Margate road.

I nipped around the back via Poorhole lane and found it easier to get in and out this way. On the way back, there was no traffic going back towards Margate. From the sounds of the sirens and speeding police cars, an accident on the Westwood roundabout had brought Saturday afternoon to a complete halt.

I wonder that if it’s this bad now, what’s it going to be like when all the new superstores, PC World and others are up and running. It may even be quicker to go back to Canterbury again!


James Maskell said...

Saturday afternoon? I thought today was Good Friday?

Ive just got back from a wander to Asda and while its not as bad from where I was walking its still reasonably heavy going. Poorhole Lane is a good diversion but as a pedestrian I get a little worried on the section without a pavement!

The Pearce Signs development is now taking shape and what a shape! Its much bigger than I anticipated. Star Lane is certainly becoming more busy as people use it as a diversion route round Westwood Cross.

Nash Road is becoming more busy as a local resident highlighted in the local press a couple of months ago. The disused railway planning application (curiously by the company which is held responsible for the loss of the trees there) will inevitably put more pressure on the road network which is already finding it hard dealing with Westwood Cross traffic trying to avoid Ramsgate Road.

DrMoores said...

See what happens when I lose my PC.. I lose my sense of time as well.. Yes it's Friday.. thanks for reminding me!

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Good afternoon & a Happy Easter!

TDC have known since it was rebuilt, that Westwood Cross would be a 'snag' area. They were quite contented to "wait and see what happens"... well TDC, I know that improvements are being done as we lean back for the Easter break. Well, now we have seen what happens, more than once. Westwood Cross is snagged daily, perhaps they haven't seen it yet (TDC Blinkers)(often used nowadays), but when an overload comes, or there is an accident, Westwood becomes hopelessly blocked, thus cutting Margate and Ramsgate off.
There are several options the TDC can take. One is to widen all the silly lanes that lead to there. Haine Road renewal was a silly waste of money, it's new, but still far too narrow. Dangerously narrow. It doesn't warrant traffic lights, but the traffic has to be kept flowing. As a first measure, the TDC should double RED line the whole area! If they want to know where, I will gladly point out the weak spots.(although they know, but have the blinkers on again)

Anonymous said...

anon again!

and they really ought to redline Margate seafront.... last night, the "idiots" were double parked from the clocktower to the station. We were following a Bus that had to literally 'weadle' its way along there. No Police/No Traffic Wardens, just chaos @ 10PM.

Anonymous said...

What is so sad is that a poor blogger can anticipate, then see and even draw TDCs attention to a problem when they with a professional Planning Team to advise them, seem to get everything wrong. It was obvious many years before Westwood Cross and the new development going on now, that Pearce Signs junction was a Thanet traffic choke point. Was any real thought given to the traffic problem or was everyone busy kowtowwing to the developers needs? Let me remind you of where TDCs priority lay when a house owner in Haine Road refused to sell his house for the lamentable price offered by the Westwood developers (Pergamon?); they tried to compulsory purchase it to save the developers money!! This was prevented by the intervention of some councillors and Roger Gale and the guy got a decent price.

I am beginning to ask myself some simple questions as I sit in the queue at Westwood Cross ;

who does TDC Planning Dept work for? Are they the paid servants of our community in Thanet or not? If they fail to enforce simple planning breaches and fail to anticipate traffic chaos are they not incompetent or guilty of dereliction of duty? Or was the cost of road improvements around Westwood Cross too great for the developers profit margin on the job and therefore quietly shelved?
Why is it that I get a ticket when 10 mins late back to my car in the High Street, Margate but cars are parked on double yellow lines on Marine Terrace during the day and night with impunity? Whose business is being visited by the passengers and drivers of these cars and do they have influence with TDC that a poor blogger like me doesn't have?

Anonymous said...

anon again!

ah, now you see, you fell in to the trap of the TDC Traffic Wardens. It's ok to park along Marine Terrace across the zig zag's, on the Double Yellow's, even double Park so that even the smallest vehicles have difficulty manouvering the otherwise, rare to find in Thanet, wide road, let alone the busses. They won't touch you there, because they are scared shirtless of the thuggery that is rampant along that part of Thanet. My gawd, you don't even have to get planning permission to put up a Big Ferris Wheel there, not on that road... It's run by the Mafia.
People who do exactly as they please. If you were a Traffic Warden, you wouldn't want to go down there alone...
If you had left your car parked half on the path, over the Double Yellows on the road, half in the High Street, you wouldn't have got one there either, if you had parked in front or behind that 4X4 that is always parked outside the sports shop hour after hour, day after day, week after week... etc, etc.,