Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome Aboard

On the same day that the government’s attempt to curb "marriages of convenience" that allow immigrants to move to the UK has been declared a breach of human rights by the High Court, a party of illegal immigrants discovered on a boat off Margate's Nayland Rock and brought ashore at the town’s harbour are to appear in court.

Kent Online report that the twin-hulled vessel was towed into the harbour soon after 10pm on Friday and officers then pushed the boat up the hill to Margate Police Station and locked it in a cell as evidence and to prevent it being stolen.

Twelve of the 14 people on board who at first insisted that they were international art lovers visiting the Turner Contemporary were found to be illegal immigrants and are now in the loving care of HM immigration.

The other two were a 57-year-old German man and 26-year-old Germans woman. Both were arrested and charged with facilitating unlawful entry to a member state.

Much easier and less risky, I would have thought, to offer to marry them to a local girl or boy for a grand or so, now that little escape route to the UK has been left open by the judges.

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Anonymous said...

I thought this was a micky-take until I read your comment that it was genuine on the thread below.
It is interesting that IOTG did not report this on Friday.
Is it the case that we have to get the truth on Thanetlife as our local paper does not wish to draw local attention to migrant matters?