Thursday, April 13, 2006

Walk on By

The prognosis on my Personal Computer isn’t good. I’m told that shooting it would be the kindest thing to do or failing that, re-install Windows completely after first copying-off all the data files. Of course re-installing all the applications after this could take weeks, months even, as many of them are now downloaded, such as music files and subject to a digital rights nightmare. As a result, I’ve broken my promise not to eat chocolate until after Easter in a fit of despair!

In Westbrook this morning, carrying my mortally-wounded computer, I couldn’t help noticing one of our local “hoodies” quite blatantly sauntering along the road and pausing to examine the inside any car more expensive looking than a 1973 Volvo.

Perhaps he was innocently searching for a particularly fascinating example of leather trim or a glimpse of David Beckham waiting patiently for “Posh” to find something interesting for the Easter weekend in the small fancy dress shop next to Goodwins and the K9 pet parlour?


Anonymous said...

Round here they don't just look in the windows, they try all the door handles as well!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't that so much, they punched out the door locks on my Peugeot, left holes in the drivers door, was too expensive to repair and not worth enough to make an insurance claim on.
I had to scrap it, and all that damage to steal my cheapo car radio which they tossed over a neighbour's hedge along the road.
That was in Domneva Rd Westgate.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Drugs related crime! CRETIN committed it!

James Maskell said...

Sorry to hear about the break in on the car. Its completely mindless.

Has the bus stop near the Westgate Library, near Domneva Road, been sorted out yet? The glass panels had been smashed out of it.

Anonymous said...

Time to take the law into our own hands. Yes Kent Constabulary we can too, it's called citizen's arrest.

Anonymous said...

Kent Police seem to have different priorities unfortunately, more to do with targeting motorists than real low level criminals who affect our quality of life.
Has Supt Penny Martin departed Thanet now?
I am told by some Police Officers I am friendly with that she used to lecture them about enforcing zero tolerance but they were unable to implement this policy due to paperwork and other constraints.
So we should not be too hard on the officers on the street, its the chiefs we should blame, not the indians.
No, I am not a police officer, its a thankless and frustrating job these days.
Bit like being an ordinary relatively law abiding citizen really...........

Anonymous said...

Down in Cliftonville they just hammer in the windows on spec.