Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Truth is Out There Somewhere

You may have wondered why I haven’t yet commented on last week’s “Exclusive” and dare I say, “grubby”, Thanet Gazette story involving North Thanet MP Roger Gale and his decision to employ a local woman who has re-built her life, while working at the NTCA office in Birchington.

To be honest, I’ve known everyone involved for some time and with this the more accurate history behind the story. So I have decided to wait until Friday morning before publishing a separate account here, so you can better compare at contrast it with what you might read in the Thanet Gazette.

To quote Albert Einstein: “Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.”


tony flaig said...

As we all know this story was pretty much a non story, the only way it becomes a story is because we are use to secrecy from our politicians so therefore we are intrigued by this sort of nonsense. Obviously if you're acquainted with the facts then it is difficult not to comment, but I would imagine that the majority of people who read this realise that the story is just so much bull.

James Maskell said...

As I said on Tony Flaigs weblog, the story shouldnt have been published. Its extremely unfair to post something like that. The Gazette has shown that it knows no ethical boundaries. How would the editor feel if the name printed was replaced with hers? Would she like it?

Disgusted said...

last Friday's story was an absolute disgrace and I can only suggest that with some local elections in May this was an IOTG politically motivated story. Did they dig it up themselves or was it fed them by a 'source'?
Many know, at first hand,Roger Gales help to those who are 'down and out'. It should be no surprise that he is giving a chance to some-one who has a prison record. Was the crime serious? - No. Were there mitigating circumstances?- Yes. Has punishment been served?-Yes. Does the IOTG really think it is in the public interest to cause distress and humiliation to some-one who is clearly rehabillitating themselves?
Unlike the 1000+ foreigners released back into our society by The Home Office early and without any supervision, this victim of the IOTG's malevolence was not a violent robber, mugger, rapist, burglar or paedophile and poses no threat to anyone. So why the sanctimonious story IOTG?