Monday, April 10, 2006

A Touch of Snow

Rochester is under snow this morning, as is much of Kent. I have a “Will you marry me” banner to display for another Spring romantic over the Bluewater shopping centre at lunchtime but it’s all looking rather “iffy” for the poor chap, as Rochester airfield is presently closed and the wind isn’t helping much either.

Kent Online reports up to 12 centimetres of snow in some areas of the county with West Kent being particularly hit. As I write, Headcorn and Rochester airfields have now announced suspension of traffic for the remainder of the day so today's marriage propsal is sadly "off."

The gale which is battering us here in Thanet seems to be very localised and should, with a little luck, move off by later this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I am abroad at the moment and rely on your site for news about Thanet,but I don't know whether to take the reports seriously or not.
For example I just read about the snow, then I checked on the Manston weather and there is 25km visibility!
This could all be possible, and what about these illegals arrested coming ashore by boat in the item above this one? Is that true or just a joke? Can you lock a boat big enough for all those people in a cell at the nick? I don't think so.
If the reporting isn't more believable I might as well read the Thanet Gazette!

DrMoores said...

No it's all true. Beautiful day outside but to the west there's heavy snow lying on the ground as you will see on the BBC news.

The illegals news item is true.. not sure about locking the boat in the cell wth them though!!