Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A Ticket to Ride

More thuggery and mayhem in Thanet last week when police had to stop a bus after arresting fourteen teenagers on board the vehicle following a fight in Ramsgate.

Stagecoach allowed the vehicle to be taken from Oscar Road at Broadstairs, where it was stopped by officers, to Margate Police Station. The teenagers aged 12 -15 were interviewed and bailed pending further inquiries.

The Isle of Thanet Extra also reports that police say two men aged 26 and 27 from Ramsgate were attacked by a large group of youths and some adults in King Street just before 5pm last Thursday.


Nethercourt said...

I seldom venture into Ramsgate town centre these days, but I did have occasion to meander down the high street, for the first time in about two years, last weekend. It put me in mind of Belize City in the early 70's!! All it needs is a tropical rainstorm and a few open sewers to complete the picture.
As for King Street.... no wonder our Baltic visitors feel at home....

Mr Friday said...

It is quite sad really but I cannot think of one single reason to go into Ramsgate town centre any more. It simply has no redeeming features and is full of pound-shops and charity shops.

Add the threat of crime into the equation and it is like a "no-go" area.

Anonymous said...

As our plod are combined with Canterbury, these lawless kids should have been taken to Canterbury and processed and then released after plenty of delay in Canterbury. Problems for them and problems for parents. A worse punishment than a slap on the wrist caution at Fort Hill.