Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Three on One

More thuggery in Ramsgate on April 8th as police release the story of an early morning assault on a 22-year-old man, near the Charcoal Kebab House at Ramsgate harbour. This left the victim with a broken jaw when he came to the assistance of his girlfriend and her friends who were “having difficulties" with three men”. As he tried to intervene, the three men attacked him.

The main assailant is said to be aged about 20, 5ft 11in tall, medium build, and wore a white jacket and blue jeans. The attack happened between 1am and 2am on Saturday morning, April 8 and Thanet police are seeking witnesses.

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adem said...

I normally don't see much trouble from the pubs I venture but it seems there's always some oiks who want a fight for no reason what so ever. Idiots.