Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tall Ships

I wondered why there was an exclusion zone around Sandhurst today, I had to route around it on the way to Cardiff and it transpires that the Queen was there this morning to see Prince Harry graduate. I wonder if he will be posted to Afghanistan or somewhere closer to home? Knightsbridge barracks perhaps.

The reason for going to Cardiff was to tow a farewell message over a funeral. Very sad it was too as there were two women's names on the message and when we were over the top of the cemetery, I could see two freshly dug graves surrounded by hundreds of mourners. It was a big send-off without doubt. White horses and white Rolls Royces too.

Weblog posts may be limited for a brief period. My main PC “died” again this morning, announcing it had lost its configuration file and the system backup CD won’t restore Microsoft’s Windows to life. A terminally ill Operating System strikes me as a regular fact of life these days and I’ll have to rush it to “hospital” again in Westbrook tomorrow. The worst case scenario is having to re-install Windows and the lengthy process of having to re-install all my applications that goes with it; takes days.

One thing I recommend to anyone reading this is to have a 30 gigabyte backup USB drive connected to your PC hard disk which can mirror everything you have on your main machine for problems like this. It’s not a question of “if” your computer will die one day, just a question of “when” in my experience.

The BBC reports that Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour Marina is gearing up for a busy summer season, with classic ships and visits by World War II heroes.

In the “Millionaire’s Playground”, the maritime season starts on Thursday 20th April when a flotilla of 22 tall ships are due to sail into the harbour, as the Race of the Classics makes its only British stop in Ramsgate, weather permitting.

Just under a week later, the Royal Harbour Marina will play host to more history, when the Grand Turk arrives, followed by a visit by the little ships made famous at Dunkirk in 1940.

For more information on events at Ramsgate’s Royal Harbour Marina, call 01843 572 100 or visit


Anonymous said...

Re pc repairs at Westbrook I heard that Mwise is closing soon, don't know if its correct or not, maybe you can find out and let us know?

Anonymous said...

Backups are like burgalar alarms nobody gets them till after the event !!