Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sorry - Broadstairs is Closed

Apparently Broadstairs is closed. An hour’s attempt to get there past the QEQM “No access into Broadstairs.” Westwood is gridlocked as a result of an accident which has stopped everything by all accounts.

Another example of the problems that we’re facing with our local road system which is no longer up to the task. So let’s build a thousand more homes and see what that does to an already impossible situation.


James Maskell said...

Indeed it was incredibly busy at the Victoria Lights this afternoon looking from work. Worryingly too was that some schools were open today.

Local residents are extremely concerned at the impact on the local area of the planned development of the disused railway as well as the thousand homes development. I met with some local residents on Sunday to listen to their concerns in detail and discuss with them their worries. There are concerns with overlooking at neighbouring properties, pressure on the road network, sewage and waste disposal and lack of parking spaces. Some residents are also concerned at what the term "sheltered housing" actually means...is there a risk to the local area? There is mistrust of the developers who are seen to have been responsible for the chopping down of the trees which I understand had TPOs on them at the time. They are not amused that action wasnt taken against those responsible.

Those interested in the plans of this development should go to http://www.ukplanning.com and look up application code 06/0330.

Helpless Air Polluter said...

KCC have managed to bring Thanet to a stop this afternoon and most schools were closed today ;look out for chaos tomorrow.
Tried to get to Ramsgate to visit Farleys; turned into St Peters Rd from College Rd to find road closed at Broadstairs end;only way out was turn round and join chaos at Victoria lights. Turned into Ramsgate Rd and all was well till just before Westwood and further lights for road works; carried on eventually to end of margate Rd to find Chatham St junction closed; detoured and eventually into Farleys. Total journry time for 15mins normally was 47 mins. Purchased new mattress and said to she who would be sharing it at some stage;"stuff this will go out to Manston and loop back in via Shottendane and avoid the snarl ups" No chance.Road works on Newington end of manston Road with Haine; can't get across so down to A253 and run along south side of airfield; big tailback at roadworks outside Cliffs End.
I have queued at 3 roadworks and had to be diverted by 2. With pm school run tomorrow the Isle will come to a halt.
Any KCC Councillors out there? Please sort the farce out before someone fries in their house or on the pavement because Fire or Ambulance could not get to them

tony flaig said...

I think the solution to our traffic problems will be the construction of a few thousand homes at Westwood Village, I believe the shoppers who enjoy the windswept experience of Westwood Cross, will move to the new estate so that they only have to drive a hundred yards for their retail therapy.

Anonymous said...

For those not buying matresses like 'Helpless Air Polluter' to get to the towns

1). Use the train. Visit http://www.trainline.co.uk for times.
2). To get to Westwood Cross or towns by bus visit http://www.stagecoachbus.com/eastkent/timetables.php?service=1730&keyword=
3). To get anywhere get a bike or a scooter but please, none of them mini-bikes!

My wife gave up driving 10 years a go or more and is an absolute whizz with the bus routes.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
Bus or train is fine, if you are NOT schlepping your Thanet 5 kids family around with you.
There has to be more selection in dispersing of volume. Haine/Margate/Ramsgate Roads are practically the only 3 options for most people. A few sly ones sneak down Nethercourt and Nash Court and nip across Manston etc. These roads are the dangerous ones I, yet again, refer too. These are bordered by Cabbages/Cauliflowers/Spuds etc, and could very easily be widened to 'normal' road width. The main principle of Westwood Cross, is dealt with. The roads, because of a very "reluctant to do anything" Local Council, are nearing the worst in Britain. Chaos Chaos Chaos!!!
Is it that they CAN'T understand, or WON'T understand.