Thursday, April 27, 2006

The Show Must Go On - Not

Now here’s an interesting little story. I called Rebecca Smith at the Thanet Gazette to ask what time the live debate between her and Roger Gale would be aired on Friday morning. Reporter Nick Dorman took the call and told me: “It’s not going ahead.”

“Why’s that” I asked. “Better ask Rebecca”, Nick replied but “She’s out and I’ll ask her to give you a call when she returns.”

So the plot thickens, has the Gazette chickened-out of a head to head confrontation with North Thanet MP Roger Gale over last week’s story?

So the next thing is to call Roger and ask him directly.

“Funny you should ask”, says Roger, “because I’ve just heard from BBC Radio Kent who have asked me to do a solo interview as Ms Smith has declined to do a head to head interview and no doubt your readers will want to know why."

"I have agreed", said Roger, "to honour my undertaking to take part in a live interview on BBC Radio Kent at just after 7am tomorrow morning and no doubt all will be explained at that time.”

Anyone seen Rebecca?

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Anonymous said...

What a great photo of the Gazette editorial team. Is that Nick Doorman in the green glasses?