Friday, April 14, 2006

Reason Number 431

It’s all happening this weekend in the Thanet Gazette.

First-off, a fourteen-year-old boy accused of making his own “porn movie” with the assistance of two ten year friends, not girls, I should add. This small story has left me temporarily speechless, so I’ll move on to the Scorpion in the bananas, allegedly purchased from Asda in Broadstairs, reason number 431 to shop at Morrisons!

In an effort to save money and the NHS, Margate hospital is cutting free coffee for its volunteer workers, who contribute 1,000 hours a week. Please bring your own thermos in future. (photo from Kent Observer)

Westgate is to be given its own beat officer, with the credit being given to pressure from, well of course, the Thanet Gazette. Apparently the local residents, me being one and lost for any kind of representation, have been calling for more policing and the Gazette has intervened, with the result that PC Chris Bungard is to become the new beat officer; better than none at all but 9am to 5pm I assume? Tell me it’s not so please!

In its new-found role of concerned public champion and ‘righter of wrongs’, the Gazette has also taken residents complaints involving cars being sold off the streets of Westgate to the council. The same story you may remember ran here last year, when after a number of calls and letters to the council, a collective effort succeeded in having Westgate bay Avenue and Westbrook Avenue re-zoned. All that’s happened of course is that the street traders have moved their business to the roads that aren’t restricted, St Mildred’s road being one.

A couple of new local websites for you and you’ll find links to them in the sidebar.

The first is aims to offer the definitive news and information resource for the different towns in the area and the second is a Weblog, Tony Flaig’s

Finally, I see Smudger is after his own back in his column, describing me as an “Extra from Top Gun.” but I’m a little too old now and aerobatics makes me ill.


Anonymous said...

IOTG did not backup your story of lost tourists coming ashore with German guides. Did they mistake our wheel for London eye?

Anonymous said...

Doubtless the IOTG "reporters" will be wearing their underpants over their tights, perhaps with a little matching cape too!

Anonymous said...

IOTG also gave space to Mr Hunter of Waterbridge Developers or as they now seemed to be called Margate Town Centre Regeneration Company Ltd (MTCRC)to knock the Save Dreamland campaigners. I am seriously impressed by Waterbridge's PR/spin team. What a great name and what a great tactic to ridicule your main opposition group!
IOTG quotes Mr Hunter:
1. "Margate is a tremendous town with a huge heart and great potential" - PR speak for praise the local plebs and butter them up.

2."Please look to the future" - PR speak for you're hidebound old reactionaries and we're the sole people of vision.

3."recognise that MTCRC is here to develop some world class facilities in leisure and supported by mixed use"- PR speak for we want to maximise our profit by building flats, houses, shops.

4."(not financially supported but for the good of an attractive urban regeneration)" - PR speak for stress other use of Dreamland site to make sure we can maximise profit.

5. "your campaign against me is starting to look vindictive and small minded" - PR speak for your a serious threat to our plans to maximise profits so this slur will make you look small and pathetic.

Waterbridge or MTCRC has every right to maximise its profits when investing and developing and good luck to them. However, they are sitting on a critical site to regenerate Margate. The Local Planning Inspector stressed the need to keep it for development as a major tourism puller and that idea is already being watered down.
Sorry, Mr Hunter, either you make your money developing it as we and TDC and our local Inspector have outlined or TDC should compulsorily purchase it and do it itself.
The more you slag off Save Dreamland Campaign and try and kid us that a small big wheel is a big deal then you lose your credibility.