Saturday, April 15, 2006

Northern Lights

Ramsgate may be the new millionaires playground but the north of the island has it's own unique cultural and epicurian attractions such as Godden's Gap, the Margate Caves and the Hanging Gardens of Cliftonville.

To prove my point, I invited the former Prime Minister of Australia to join me this morning for a full English breakfast at Anton Mossiman's "Beano's cafe" in Westgate where we disussed the pros and cons of building the Turner Contemporary in the style of the Sydney Opera House, turning Thanet into a republic and the problem of feckless teenage hooded-Kangaroos in Birchington.


Anonymous said...

I thought chimps were the problem in Birchington.

DrMoores said...

They (chimps) are of course but lately we've seen the arrival of hooded kangaroos in the high street!

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the drop bears, mate!