Tuesday, April 11, 2006

MP's Fury at Ward Closure Proposals

North Thanet`s MP, Roger Gale, is today describes as "furious" over proposals to close wards in the QEQM hospital and other hospitals in East Kent.

Speaking in his constituency the MP said of the proposals:

"We have faced many years of pain and anguish and taken great criticism over the re-organisation of hospital healthcare in East Kent. We have seen that programme through and now, at the very moment when the programme is reaching a conclusion and when we should be reaping the benefits in terms of patient care, the East Kent Hospitals Trust is facing funding cuts that threaten to destabilise the service.

On top of £15 million of "savings" already in the pipeline Government policy is placing the burden of a further £20 million of cuts upon the Trust.

This process is demoralising for medical and nursing staff, for ancillary staff and for managers alike - particularly when the prospect not only of ward closures but of staff cuts is on the agenda.

This Government never tires of telling us how much more taxpayers money it is spending on the health service. If that is so then with shortages of doctors and dentists, patients still having operations cancelled, staff being laid off, wards closing and budgets across the country overspent I believe that we are entitled to ask "where the hell has the money gone"?.

The responsibility for this situation lies directly with three people: the Prime Minister, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Secretary of State for Health, the "nation's nanny", Patricia Hewitt.

My constituents will suffer as a result of this administration's inability to stop meddling with reorganisations and it's determination to mend things that are not broken - often at great expense. Am I furious? On behalf of those that I was elected to represent, yes.I am."


James Maskell said...

Knowing people who work there, I am very disappointed to hear of these cuts. Huge amounts of public money (tens of billions) are being shovelled into the NHS. Where is the money going?

Anonymous said...

It is nice to see Roger Gale taking the time, and showing concern for his constituents. It seems a rarity that he feels it necessary to comment on his constituents well-being. Generally I get the impression that Mr Gale is more concerned about animal welfare than constituents. Frankly I wonder whether his conclusion that there are three people responsible for this dreadful news, is correct. I think if anyone ever looks at what vacancies are available within the the NHS you will find that the higher paying posts are those for administration staff. And I think that this is something the you cannot blame necessarily the Prime Minister, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Secretary of State for Health. Unfortunately I think it was during the last Tory reign of government, when the manager became all-important in the health-service, and honest hard-working cleaners were relegated out of the health service and forced to work for peanuts with service companies. I think that ever since Mrs Thatcher's days the administrator has become all-important, way beyond their abilities and worth to the detriment of actual services and care.

I think quite honestly that all politicians bear the responsibility for the negligent way in which our health-service is run, we see a large organisations which spend public money in a totally un democratic manner headed by political appointees totally unaccountable.

I think a simple way to fix our health-service, just send someone into the hospital and a sack every other person who is wearing a suit without a stethoscope or not in uniform. It really is about time that many of the jobs which just consists of so much bull are terminated. One final point, it's time that people stopped looking on the health service as something which is it beyond reproach, and started treating it like any other industry.

Anonymous said...

Our hospitals close whilst Blair offers £15 bn over 10 years to Africa. Hooray. lesson to learn Brown, if you're skint don't give your income away.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Opps meant Brown not Blair, so what?

Anonymous said...

Are the readers of this blog aware that a large chunk of the Thanet mental health unit was closed down a few weeks ago and moved to Canterbury/Ashford... That nice new unit which is only a few years old... currently empty.
Very short sighted indeed for all sorts of reasons.

B of Birchington said...

Too many in admin I agree. I remember writing when the trusts started about the number of signs saying Margate Hospital. You can't pass through Margate so why the need for so many signs? And then of course it was renamed and we had a whole lot of other signs. That is where the waste is. Unaccountable people at the top.