Sunday, April 30, 2006

Message from Manda

One man's view of White Hart Lane stadium at 4:15 this afternoon. Whether, “Steve” who was proposed to by his partner, “Manda”, said “Yes”, I don’t know but it must have come as a bit of a surprise to be sitting among thousands of fellow Spurs fans and have a banner float by; a message from your partner asking you to marry her. Definitely a first in my experience!

I wonder what Sven thought when he saw it? Apparently he was at the match looking to fill the holes in the England squad. No sign of it on the tele though even tough it was a bit difficult to miss. Now, if it had said something "Marry me Sven" or "John Prescott is throbbing love machine", I'm sure the media would have noticed.

Funnily enough, the Labour Party were in touch with me over the weekend, requesting two aircraft to fly over London, encouraging voters to support the party in this week's elections. In the end, it fell through as they couldn't, I suspect, sort out the logistics by Tuesday, when they wanted the fly-by. However, it occurred to me that I could organise a whip around for our own special ThanetLife readers' message instead. What might it say, "Vote None of the Above?"

Ready to collapse in front of the television, I've made six flights today, at least six yesterday and I've a backlog of email to catch-up on. Tomorrow is, with a little luck, a day of rest for the wicked and time to catch-up with this weblog among other things..


Anonymous said...

A red blooded Englishman would be ashamed to have his woman propose in such a public testosterone filled environment.
I hope his fellow fans saved him embarrassment by rising to their feet and shouting " I'm Steve - yes Manda!" in Spartacus fashion.

Anonymous said...

Simon - for info, the banner featured twice. Once "live" and again during the brief highlights at the end of the match.

DrMoores said...

Thanks for that.. I couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to watch Match of the Day..!