Thursday, April 20, 2006

Life and Times

I see my little Airads flypast protest banner over the top of St Mary's stadium in Southampton made the morning edition of The Times. Pity there were not any credits though!

I've been in London all day and haven't had time to post anything here, just read the different comments being "pushed" to my mobile phone.

What I would say is that while Thanet needs the commercial injection of tourism, if that tourism is "locked-up" in a self-contained caravan village, I struggle to see where the real benefit lies for the local economy in contrast with the objections expressed by visitors to this web site.

While the council may be acting quite properly and within the tight straightjacket of planning regulations that are imposed upon its officers, it seems very clear that people know quite instinctively what is right and wrong for Thanet and are deeply frustrated by what they see taking place upon the island in which they live and in the name of progress. But perhaps it's always been like this, if you think how much change we have seen here in living memory.

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