Monday, April 17, 2006

Just Flash

Apparently, the Flashmob in Margate happened today and not yesterday, which rather explains why I had Cecil Square to myself!

See the details at

Did anyone notice?


Joe said...

i was at the flash mob.. it kicked ass. i dont know who you are... but turning up a day early was a great miss out. you missed out big time.. sorry dude

Peter said...

I was today's Flash Mob organiser.
It was really good and all 25 ish people really enjoyed the day! The youngest was mid teens, the oldest was early 60's...tell me any other time you would willingly get that sort of generational cross with no money involved!

The public too seemed to enjoy the break from the general slug of a Bank Holiday in Margate.

There will be more, so keep an eye out at for details.

There are also some picks and a description of the day.


Anonymous said...

What an odd way of spending a bank holiday afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Beware of the link to
it contains popups that want to install software
As for flashMOB more a flash in the pan

Peter said...

Yes, sorry about that.

Myspace works through advertising space. Unfortunately some of the adverts use pop ups (which my pop up blocker doesnt block 0- hmmm)
there is no way of knowing which page the advert that causes the pop up is going to be on as it moves.

Its not there at the moment.

And it cant install unless you accept.

Sorry if this has alarmed anyone.

Also, what other ways are there of spending the bank holiday?
In a bar?
Watching TV?
Sitting in a traffic jam?
Visitig family, and pretending, its not just because you dont want to do the above?


I vote flash mobbing!


Anonymous said...

annoyed with popups? get a decent browser!