Friday, April 14, 2006

Iron Maiden

I’ve just been watching and Iron Maiden front man and commercial Boeing 757 pilot, Bruce Dickinson in his “Heavy Metal” programme on the Sky Discovery Channel. What caught my attention was him pitching-up at Manston with a number of trainee Boeing 747-pilots for circuits around Thanet.

In the series, Bruce looks at and often flies a number of aircraft from across the history of commercial aviation. There are some quite surprising aerobatics done in rather large aircraft and next time I see a white, unmarked Boeing 747 doing the rounds over Margate, then I’ll know that it’s crewed by a dozen or so sweaty-palmed individuals who will be having their first attempt at putting a “Jumbo” down safely on the runway.

If your happen to be watching from Ramsgate, just close your eyes.


James Maskell said...

In Iron Maiden's "Rock In Rio" DVD, Bruce Dickinson does the rounds on a plane simulator and while its not the same as the real thing, hes clearly extremely good. Interesting to see him come down this part of the country.

Iron Maiden is currently working on their 14th studio album and if its anything like their last album, its gonna be pretty good.

Anonymous said...

anon again!
They have to train somewhere, I would have thought that the sky was the best place to do it! Especially in a Jumbo!

Nethercourt said...

Ah.. we're a hardy lot in Ramsgate. Especially on Nethercourt where most of us are a bit 'Mutt & Jeff' anyhow. If the bloomin' things get too low we fend 'em off with a broom!!