Saturday, April 22, 2006

Insularity Rules OK

Well, the Thanet Council website is back on its feet but so many people have written-in to say how much they enjoyed yesterday’s brief spell of independence from the rest of Britain, that a return to one-party state rule has come as a bit of a blow.

Already, this morning, a team of workers from the council landscape and gardening department have been seen filling-in the attempt by some of our readers to widen the Wantsum Channel past the St Nicholas roundabout and the border control post, kindly provided by one of our local farmers, has been quickly taken-down by Kent Police. A party of visiting government council tax inspectors, detained in a barn under guard overnight, have now been released.

Becoming an island again, like the Isle of Man or Guernsey, would have its advantages, attracting off-shore banks, motorcyclists and millionaires in search of a marina and a tax-free existence. The Turner Contemporary would flourish and Margate waterfront would become the new Cannes.

No, I think that becoming an island again maybe the answer to many of our problems. Does anyone remember the 1949 Ealing Studios film comedy, Passport to Pimlico?


Brother PR Bloke said...

The brothers in the PLPFT have had to go back underground. We had a bit of a problem in an attemted hostage and ransom job on a young bloke in a suit and a blue tie. He kept shouting "TDC can do no wrong - its Tawrie" at the top of his voice and we had the duty centurion and the town maniple on us before you could say " o me miserum".

James Maskell said...

Indeed, the PLPFT operation was a rather shoddy one which needs a lot more work to make it effective for the next stage of the revolution. That said, I do wonder why the PLPFT thinks TDC would pay the ransom on me in the first place...

Peter said...

There was a programme on the tele a year or so ago...a man who owned his house outright declared it an independent state, and was able to create his own currency and laws!

Also, on some of the old oil rigs, people have declared independence - which is fine as they are offcially in international waters.

It would be quite good to declare independence!