Thursday, April 13, 2006

Hidden Peril

While thugs and armed robbers continue to make their presence felt, in Birchington, the interim solution is to set-up a hand-held speed camera service on the A28 leading in and out of the village. Beware anyone driving along the 40mph dual carriageway from Westgate into the the 30mph built-up zone that leads on to the Thanet Way!

Personally, I would have thought that a visible police presence in the Birchington square would be preferable to an officer disguised as a bush along the A28.


Mr Friday said...

Birchington Square is far too polluted to have police standing around.

Their breathing apparatus would alerts us to their speed traps !!

tony flaig said...

Maybe it is time that KCC, and Thanet District Council considered the road system in Thanet perhaps we could have a new dual-carriageway running from Brooksend around the back of Quex Park along Shottendane then connecting with Nash Road following this and connecting up with Haine and back out to A299. Alternatively continue the Westgate dual-carriageway through Birchington up to St Nicholas roundabout, making adjustments to the village where necessary

Anonymous said...

anon again!

erm... Mr Flaig, that would be ironically far too simple for the TDC to comprehend.... firstly, it needs to cost around £50,000,000 before they will even look at the plans. Your plan would only cost around £5,000,000 so it doesn't even come up for consideration.

Anonymous said...

Can't do that Mr Flaig, it would disrupt vital expansion of a major tourist resource or new unofficial village called Two somethings.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it illeagal to 'warn' other motorists about speed camera's?