Friday, April 14, 2006

Fast Micros - Fast Service

A special note of thanks this morning to Fast Micros in Westbrook, (tel. 227522) who successfully rebuilt my desktop PC over the last 24-hours.

I’m going to spend the rest of the summer re-installing all my software but at least I’m up and running again and should be back to a near normal state by Monday.

A great service and much appreciated. Thank you!


Nethercourt said...

I'll second that... got my first PC there and much valued advice over the years.

Anonymous said...

Fast Micros is now one of the longest lasting and established PC shops in Thanet, others have come and gone leaving unhappy customers in their wake.
Although the founder Mike is more or less retired (but still there from time to time) Mervyn and his son Paul have taken over and strive to maintain the same quality of service.
Up and Running has also changed hands recently and I believe is no longer an Epson swapout centre for duff printers.
I am told that we can expect the closure of another local PC shop in the near future.
PC World is of course opening soon at Westwood but thats not my favourite shop.