Saturday, April 15, 2006

Farming Fears

One of our regular visitors writes:

"Some sad news. The firm of E. S. Linington & Son has pulled out of farming after 85 years and made 14 staff redundant two weeks ago. The farmland around Birchington and Westgate was recently put down to spring cereals by contractors and all farming on the Liningtons will be contracted out. No more mass cauliflower growing of Thanet’s best quality cauliflowers and the end of an era.

Other sad news was that Mr. Powell-Cotton died last week and this throws up problems for the future possibly of Quex Park and the whole estate and farmland around Birchington. His surviving family are his two elderly nephews living in Australia.

All in all tough times now and for the future in regard to farming in Thanet.

The Planning Committee will consider the Two Chimneys caravan site application on Wednesday 19th, which the planning officers are recommending be allowed!! There are all the usual points about landscaping and screening as provisos but the march of the mobile homes continues down the field. I took some ground level piccies an hour ago in the gloom to provide evidence of lack of enforcement by TDC planning except on swinging gibbets?

I have attached two views of Two Chimneys showing view from Minster Road and a close up of a “House” called a mobile home if you would like to share them with other readers."

Ed: They look like bungalows to me. Try towing one of those behind a car with our without the concrete foundations its stuck to!


Anonymous said...

Well done Simon for bringing this matter to our attention. Planning officers appear to be autonomous Gods hidden away from public scrutiny. Lets hope that the elected Members have the guts to make a decision. There are certainly more than enough policies in the Local Plan to control this situation.

Anonymous said...

The correct description of these homes in the country are 'static-caravans'! As Two Chimneys and Quex caravan Park on the other side of the road now have more dwellings and are bigger than Acol in size, should TDC not go the whole way and rename this corner of Birchington and put highway signs up like "SHOTTENDANE VILLAGE" Please Drive Carefully' and give it a Parish Council?